Instructor Profile:

Marsha Ham - 2nd Dan in Wado Ryu Karate - certified by WIKF (Wado International Karate Federation) has been teaching Wado Ryu Karate to children and adults in Oakville since 2008.

Class Schedule for Spring Session: 

Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic

For Belt Level - Beginners Class - White Belt - Yellow:

Tuesday  5pm - 6pm

starting Apr 7 -  Jun 23/ 20  ( 12 classes)  

Location:  Room 8 (Little Gym)

Cost: $144 + HST

For Belt Level - Yellow-Black and up:

Thursday 5pm - 6pm

starting Apr 9 - Jun 25 / 20  (12 classes) 

Location:  Room 8 (little gym)

Cost: $144 + HST

Grading Fees are extra.   Yearly Membership with Ontario Karate Federation is required for insurance purpose also.  OKF membership is based on calendar year (January - December).


Ham's Martial Arts sells Karate Uniforms (Gi).  

WIKF Canada T-Shirts and WIKF patches available for sale!   Limited quantity.

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Age Category of Student:


Benefits of Karate:

Regular training in Karate develops mind, body and soul

This sport also increases fitness, balance, focus, flexibility and strength through regular practise.

Member of Wado International Karate-Do  Federation and Ontario Karate Federation